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Vanderwoude Wedding Story

Recently we got to be with Becky and Chris on their special day to capture their intimate wedding. It was beautiful. 

This was the first "private" wedding I've ever shot. There were literally only 5 of us there: the couple, the pastor, the photographer, and me. Thankfully, the couple totally didn't mind us moving all around them and pretty much just tuned us out. It was quite an experience to be that free to capture this occasion. Normally, I have to be completely out of site, and out of mind at a typical church or outdoor wedding with guests and such. It allowed me to get some much more intimate shots and recreate some very touching moments afterwards. 

7 things I loved about this story:

  1. Their letters to each other were so touching in and of themselves, but I also really loved how the footage of the other person added so much more emotion to what was being said
  2. The trampoline footage shots, showing them individually at the beginning and then as a couple at the end. They are such a fun couple and this was a great way to show some of their personality off aside from the more "serious" shots
  3. Using the footage of her walking down the hill, on the pathway, and down the "aisle" all leading up to Chris' "Turnaround" moment, built so much anticipation throughout the first 3 minutes. I tried to intersperse just enough of her trip from the top of the hill down throughout the beginning minutes without breaking it up too much
  4. The music score! Loved the crescendo to the "Turnaround"! The tone, tempo, and emotion were there for all the tracks, 5 in total. The build up is also really good at "the kiss" 
  5. The pastor forgetting to say "You may now kiss the bride", and the groom waiting for it! 
  6. ALL THE SLOMO! It's amazing how much drama & emotion can come from slowing down a bit of footage. You can really feel the emotion of a moment, just a split second can become 5 seconds of eternity. A quick smile, a laugh, a look, all become so much more 
  7. Their "Blooper" lol

Thank you again Chris and Becky for letting us be a part of your special day! Lot's of love to you both and best wishes for your new life together! :)