Real Estate Marketing

Do you ever wish you had a more steady stream of quality leads coming to you?

Are you a realtor that struggles to stand out in the crowded Real Estate market?

Do you ever wish you just had more time to devote to and focus on building your business, working on it, rather than working in it?

We get it.

Having consistent and high-quality leads can be very hard to get, and expensive. You need great marketing to get great leads. You may think “If I just had more time, or more money, or knew how to do it myself, maybe things would come together…”

Plus, every home ought to have great marketing behind it.

Chances are, you probably said YES! to most or all of the questions above. The good news? We believe that having solid marketing at your disposal is the key to your success.

We’ve worked with many agents on home ranging from $90k to $10 million dollar Caribbean mansions. So you could say we’ve been around the block.

We love providing you with high-quality marketing material that saves you time, helps you market your properties, close more listings, get more leads, and ultimately helps you stand out from the crowd. We love making you look great!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Book us for your property

  2. We’ll shoot, edit, and send you professional MLS-compliant marketing assets to use right away

  3. You do something else with your time while we do the work

And don’t worry, if you need something changed, we’ll make the edit till you like it.

So, go from mediocre marketing to stellar marketing. Give yourself extra time to work on your business instead of in it, and focus on items that you can crush.

Stop feeling stressed and frustrated for not getting the leads you want and need and let us take care of your marketing needs for you.

Go from an endless hustle to being the envy of your peers.

Win more listings, close more sales, get more and better leads.

Have the Marketing tools that your competition wants and that buyers love.


We hold to the highest standards for Interior and Exterior Photography and use the latest and leading techniques and methods. This is all just mumbo jumbo to say, as one of our clients said best, “WOW! You made it look better than it actually looks!”

BTW - we’ll include Drone pics for free (if desired)!

Video Walk-through

Whether you like it or not, Online Video is still King. Countless studies, metrics, and all that fancy stuff still say that website, social posts, and online content all perform better if they include videos. So, we create short videos showcasing the highlights of your home. Set to beautiful music and book-ended with your information.

Drone footage included for free if desired!

Oh by the way - we’re also Zillow Certified! Which means we have access to their servers and can upload directly to your Active Listing. This mean Zillow & Trulia will Prioritize your listing in user searches (at no extra cost to you)! I know! Pretty cool!


We offer Matterport powered 3D Virtual Tours to provide the ultimate immersive experience for buyers to view a home that interests them. Today's buyers start their search online, and when they see your Matterport Virtual Tour, they're able to virtually move through the home, look where they want, and go where they want. This is something that simple pictures and video just cannot do. 


Kitchen - Mattertag Posts.png

Simple, straight-forward pricing

Our pricing is based off of the square footage of the home/property. Once the project is complete, you will receive a link that you can share however and wherever you would like. Paste it to your social media outlets, email blasts, and websites for your prospective clients to see.

Most Popular & Best Value

Pictures & Video & Drone

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$350 0 - 3500 sqft

$375 3501 - 4500 sqft

$400 4601 - 5500 sqft

$425 5501 - 6500 sqft

$450 6501 - 7500 sqft

$525 7501 - 8500 sqft

$600 8501 + sqft

Video Only Package

Video Walk-Through tour with interior, exterior, and aerial view

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$250 0 - 3500 sqft

$300 3501 - 4500 sqft

$350 4501 - 5500 sqft

$400 5501 - 6500 sqft

$450 6501 - 7500 sqft

$500 7501 - 8500 sqft

$550 8501 + sqft

Photos only package

Interior & Exterior & Aerial Drone Photos

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$120 0 - 1500 sqft

$150 1501 - 3500 sqft

$170 3501 - 4500 sqft

$190 4501 - 5500 sqft

$210 5501 - 6500 sqft

$230 6501 - 7500 sqft

$250 7501 - 8500 sqft

$270 8501 + sqft

Matterport Orders: 

  • Embed code for your website (similar to Youtube's embed code)

  • Shareable link for Social Media outlets

  • Up to 99 Scan Points (more for larger homes)

  • 10 Interior Stills from the Model that you may use for listings or as desired

  • Up to 6 MatterTag Pop-up Notes, as seen in the above image ($5 each after 6)

  • Fast 48 Hour Delivery

  • 1 Year Hosting, or when Property sells. Whichever is first. (Hosting after 1 Year is $30 for additional 6 months)

Square footage                          rate  

  up to 3000                 $.14/sq. ft.

  3001 - 5000               $.12/sq. ft.

   5001+                         $.10/sq. ft. 

So what are you waiting for? Book now!

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